Work hard, feel good. Strength, cardio & yoga.

Madisons gives you the freedom to pick and choose from a variety of exceptional classes led by our amazing trainers. Our group classes are all high on energy and designed to take you further on your fitness journey. Keep your training fresh and exciting with our varied timetable - there is something for everybody, from beginners to gym-pros.

Strength classes
1 S


Hustle hard to build physical and mental strength. These sessions work through big compound lifts. Each class is built on scientific principles to build muscle, strength, and power.

Ideal if you’ve got experience with weights and need a new challenge or want to learn the proper way to train with a barbell. If you are new to weight training, it is recommended that you book onto our FOCUS class before trying this.

2 S


Grind now, greatness later. These strength-based classes use dumbbells and kettlebells to sculpt and tone your body whilst keeping the heart rate up. The perfect way to combine resistance training with a bit of cardio.

This is a great class great if you are an experience gym-goer who wants to boost their muscular endurance or add lighter movements into your training week.

3 S


Turn up and Throwdown. Madisons’ version of a daily WOD. You can expect a strength element, focusing on lifting heavy, followed by two conditioning blocks. Get ready for a crazy motivating environment that will encourage you to dig deep and push hard.

Throwdown combines high intensity training and strength work to help you to develop your overall strength and conditioning.

Cardio classes
1 C


Our freestyle class is where our instructors get to adapt the workouts as they go to give you ultimate variation. You can expect a mixture of strength, power, and endurance exercises.

This class is all about embracing the unknown and expecting the unexpected to challenge you both physically and psychologically.

2 C

Sweat Fest

This is a high energy, non-stop class that will test your lung capacity and leave you sweating buckets. This class involves the use of cardiovascular equipment combined with a variety of low impact weighted movements, to help tone and sculpt the body, whilst torching calories.

This class is great for all levels of ability who want work hard and build a good cardiovascular base.

3 C

Super Saturday

Get ready to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Work your way through a variety of high intensity workout zones, interspersed with cardiovascular conditioning to boost your fitness as well as define and sculpt the body.

Yoga classes
1 Y

Morning Flow

This class will slowly ease you into your day with a blend of focused breathwork, meditation, and flowing yoga guaranteed to iron out any sleepy weekend creases. Suitable for beginners.

Taught by Charlotte and Olivia alternate weekends.

8am on Sundays.


2 Y


In this class expect more static poses and longer holds to build strength and increase flexibility. The slower pace of Hatha classes makes it suitable for beginners, however it also provides a focus for more advanced practitioners and the possibility to explore the merging of breath, mind and body

Taught by Charlotte and Olivia alternate weekends.

9am on Sundays.

2 Y

Vinyasa Flow

Dynamic vinyasa flow is a playful practice that links movement with breath in one smooth continuous sequence. In this class you will be led from one pose to another through your inhale and exhale, creating heat inside the body and stillness in the mind. Because of the pace of this class it’s recommended you have some experience with yoga.

Taught by Charlotte and Olivia alternate weekends.

10am on Sundays.

Class timetable

Class timetable

Use the timetable below to check our class schedule and availability. For a better experience, we would encourage you to download the Madisons Fitness mobile app.