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Want to get fitter, stronger, healthier, happier?

Our small group personal training model of fitness can help you achieve all those things and more. Get in touch today to secure a space on our 30 Day Trial.

We help busy people get into the shape of their lives.

Whether you’re completely new to exercise or a fitness addict we will help you achieve your goals.

Our friendly welcoming studio means that anyone can get started and everyone feels comfortable here.

Small group personal training allows your fitness journey to be tailored completely to you as an individual. Sessions are led by our world-class coaches, who work with you to accommodate your preferences, needs and goals.

There are never more than four people in a group so you get all the attention you need from your coach to get the most out of every single session. Your fellow members will encourage you and our strong sense community provides accountability and support.

Our sessions take place on the hour throughout the day and are super easy to book via our app. Every small group personal training session includes a full body workout so it doesn’t matter when you train, you will always leave feeling on top of the world.

Small group personal training won’t just help you get fitter and stronger, it can help boost your confidence and improve your mood. It won’t just change your body, it can change your life.

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Gold Standard.

"Every session is personalised to where you are. You work hard at your own level, encouraged and supported by the amazing trainers and members alike to reach your goals. If you are serious about wanting to increase fitness, build strength and stamina, or lose weight, the Madisons team will support you every step of the way." Madisons member

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"Best decision I've made this year"

Industry leading personal training and exceptional classes that you can mix and match to create an exciting training experience that is on your terms.

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